Return and Exchanges!

At SadarExpress, we believe that customer satisfaction is our ultimate success. We strive to do as much as we can to please our customers. We offer a wide range of returns and exchange policies. The customers are allowed to return and exchange the products under specific conditions and policies. The return of the items is only valid if the item is not working, different from the one mentioned on the website or damaged. Most of the e-commerce websites working these days offer to return and exchange policies but their policies are useless for the customers as they use strict conditions. Many websites show an item on the website and then deliver different product to the customer. They do not even listen to the customers after that. At SadarExpress we do not only give our product to the customer, but we also give our words that the product is exactly the same as described on the website. We are liable for the return of the product if there is any conflict between the description and the actual product. The change of mind is not acceptable. For example, if a customer orders a product and get the same product but complains that his/her mind has changed and now he wants something else, the company is not liable to entertain such demand. The customer’s demand of return will only be entertained under certain conditions. Another important thing is that SadarExpress offer return within 7 days only. If the return request lie exactly under the liable conditions but the request has been submitted after 7 days of purchase, the request will not be entertained in any way. The orders should be placed with full delivery detail including the delivery address and phone number. Some orders are placed without the address. Such orders are entertained by us. The parcels without any address will be returned to the company and the customer can open a complaint ticket to define his problem. The return policy of the company is not applicable to every product being sold by the company. Only some categories fall into that policy. For example, electronics items, clothing, and other such items are acceptable for return policy under specific terms. SadarExpress is not liable to return items like cosmetics and other generic items like food items etc. This is because the cosmetics items are branded and include the brand seal. These items are being sold by SadarExpress as a third party seller. The return policy of these items may be offered by the cosmetics company itself but we do not entertain the return request of such items. Generic items mostly include items like food items. These items are also not manufactured by the SadarExpress. The manufacturers of such items may be liable for their products but we do not offer the return of such items here. In case you feel unjust in any return policy request, you are welcome to open a complaint ticket by sending us an email to Our support team is available all the time to entertain the inconveniences of our valuable customers. SadarExpress also provides the facility of return to the customers if they are not satisfied with the product or the product have any fault. The product with a fault by the vendor is liable to be returned. A fault by the customer after the purchase of the product may not be returned. The customers may ask for the return of such products. We will look into it and find out how we can satisfy our valuable customers in the most effective way. The return of the product is applicable is the product delivered is not exactly the same as the product displayed on the website. Also, the item can be returned if the desired color of the product is not delivered. For example, the customer orders light blue colored jeans and he is being delivered with dark blue colored jeans. The customer in such case can file a complaint or request for the return of the product because he is not getting what he has paid for. Normally, we do not refund but if the fault or mistake is clearly on our side, then the company is liable for refund. The refund process may take 15 to 30 days depending upon the order and refund complaint. The customers do not ask for the refund most of the times. Instead, they ask for the product in return of the product. Our refund policies are also flexible so that we can please our customers as much as we can. The refund policy does not include any cash refund. The amount of refund will be transferred through bank transfer. The amount will be transferred to the account provided by the customers. The charges of the bank transfer will also be paid by us. The customer will not have to pay any extra charges. If the item is exchanged with the highest price item, then a custom order will be created by our support team to adjust the difference in the amount. The customer will have to contact the support to explain how he exchanged his item with the highest price and what the difference of amount paid previously by the customer is. Our company is liable to settle the difference of amount with the customer. The customer can order another product with the difference amount for which a custom order will be created by our support team who is always there to help our valued customers.